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Academic Coaching  for  Educational Success

Academic Coaching for Educational Success

Reviews from students

Austin H.

Georgia Institute of Technology, class of 2017
Software Engineer at Microsoft

I had Ms Topham for Calculus AB and BC in high school. At the time, I had a strong distaste for school, but she taught the class in such a sincere way that it felt intrinsically enjoyable and no longer like another forced class upon me. Some topics that are typically challenging, were explained so fluently that it felt easy - one of the best feelings that a student can have. In addition to homework, she utilized games and competition in the classroom to reinforce what we learned - something I found to be very effective. I thoroughly believe that her ability to teach, gave me the interest to pursue a STEM career path and excel during my rigorous coursework at Georgia Tech. 

While Ms Topham unquestionably holds high competence in academia, her ability to foster genuine relationships with each of her students is something that sets her apart from others. Many of my high school memories come from her classroom, I've used her for job references, and we are still in contact 5 years later. I believe these statements speak volumes to the kind of person and teacher you'll receive when working with Ms Topham.

Travis K.

Auburn University

"Miss Topham was the only teacher at my high school that ever made Math make sense to me. Because of her I am able to do well in my finance classes now at Auburn!"

David E.

United States Military Academy at West Point, Class of 2016

"Of all subject matters in high school, math was the most difficult for me.  In that light, I consider myself very fortunate to have had Ms.Topham as my teacher. She possesses the expertise, patience, and commitment to her students that allow someone like myself to not only pass a course, but excel in it.  I undoubtedly was better prepared for the rigors of undergraduate calculus courses because of Ms. Topham's work with me."

Autumn L.

Kennesaw State University

"Hello, friends! Ms. Topham was my Calculus teacher in high school and she tutors! She tutors Calculus, Geometry, and Algebra and I can honestly say she was one of my best math teachers EVER. She has such a strong passion for math and genuinely cares about how well you grasp the concepts. She taught Calculus better than any professor I've had in college. If you need help, contact her."

Hallie R.

High School

"Ms. Topham is without a doubt the best math teacher I have ever had.  She is candid and direct without being harsh, kind and generous while still making sure you are working hard and completely understanding the concepts.  I am indebted to her for making math both fun and comprehensible!"

Alex H.

University of Georgia (UGA)

"My senior year of high school I had the opportunity to learn from Ms. Topham. Lacking a good foundation in math concepts, Ms. Topham reached out to me and offered help. I had been to several tutors in the past, but nobody could get through to me like Ms. Topham. She offered a very understanding approach to my lack of math skills and helped bring me up to speed quickly with the content. Through tutoring with Ms. Topham, I obtained the best grade I had ever received in a math class. She taught me Algebra and Pre-calculus skills that have continued to help me in my college level math classes. Ms. Topham cares deeply about the success of her students and will dedicate her time to make sure you understand. I strongly recommend Ms. Topham if you are seeking a tutor for any level of math."

Ashley W.

High School

"I've had the privilege of having Ms. Topham for two years and have loved every second of it.  Her fun, clear, innovative, teaching techniques have restored my confidence in math and caused me to excel.  She's always readily available and willing just to talk.  We've had many amazing conversations and laughs and I'll treasure those moments always.  It's very rare to find a quality teacher or trustworthy confidante but in Ms. Topham I have found both!"

Wesley D.

Kennesaw University: Calculus 1

"Ms. Topham saved my grade in KSU Calculus One!  She taught me lots of tricks I never got from my professor and she helped me to review all the knowledge I forgot from prior years.  I cannot recommend her enough!"

Christian P.

High School

"Ms. Topham makes what could be complicated principles to understand, very easy to grasp and master.  I am very confident in my ability in math because of her problem-solving approaches and the strategies she taught me.  As a result, during my junior year in High School, I earned an overall grade of 97 for the year before the weighted bonus points in my AP Calculus AB class. If you want to become confident in math and earn excellent grades, Ms. Topham is the only tutor you should consider."

Bailey G.

High School: Calculus BC

"Ms. Topham's teaching style is very thorough and easy to understand.  She always does a fabulous job of explaining the information and if we need more practice she would give me extra worksheets online that helped sharpen my skills."

Emmy C.

High School

"Ms. Topham was the best Math Teacher I have ever had. The way she teaches is clear and easy to understand, and with her as a teacher I had the highest grade in math that I have ever had. In the past I struggled in this class, but with Ms. Topham as a teacher I got a 98% in the class. She makes it enjoyable and understandable and I would definitely recommend having her tutor you in math."

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